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bento box lunches

Thursday. 12. 20. 2007.

In the new year, I will be going to school full time far away. This means I will need to learn how to pack a lunch. I bought lunch throughout high school, college and when I was working at Mad Scientist. I know that I would’ve saved a lot more money had I brought a lunch, but it was so much easier to just go buy a lunch.

It started in high school when my dad told me my mom to just give me $20/wk to buy myself lunch instead of packing my lunch everyday. I guess they wanted me to learn how to ration my money. Eventually I was making my own money so they didn’t have to give me any more lunch money. I’ve packed a lunch on a few occasion in college but I was so busy and there were more important stuff than eating properly at hand. Then when I was working at Mad Scientist, it was in Kensington Market in Toronto which is right next to Chinatown. For $3, you can get a nice hot bowl of wonton noodles or bbq pork on rice. There was also no microwave at Mad Scientist.

I did pack lunches when I worked at the post office. At the plaza where the Shoppers Drug Mart was located, there was a pizza place and subway. But you can only eat those for so long. Eating frozen entrees got also got boring quite quickly.

I’ve seen the bento boxes in Were Rabbits‘ blog. They look mighty tempting and I think I will use them as inspiration for the lunches I will (HOPEFULLY) make. Bento Lunches also showcases the assortment of bento boxes that people have made. Cooking Cute has some great tips, recipes and pictures of bento.

My mother also bought me this cute little lunch set with 2 containers and flask for water. I was thinking about getting one those cute bento sets from ebay. Maybe that will also motivate. Cute things do inspire.

Fredrik is also really good at packing lunches. Maybe he can help me out. I suppose that’s the nice thing about living with someone else. When I don’t feel like packing a lunch, he can pack one for me. 😀

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