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STREET Julmarknad

Monday. 12. 17. 2007.

STREET Julmarknad

Yesterday I went to check out the STREET Julmarknad. It was worth wandering around in the cold. There were so many pretty looking things.

STREET Julmarknad

I got some sausages and cheese for Fredrik while I was there.
I’m hopping that sometime in the future I will have my own stand.

Swedish sweets @ STREET Julmarknad

There were a few stands at the STREET Julmarknad that sold things like giant choklad-boll and chocolate covered rice puffs. I wanted to get some for Fredrik but he’s coming home on Friday and by then, I would imagine the sweets would not be so great anymore.

STREET Julmarknad will be happening again next weekend so maybe we’ll head over on Saturday to pick up some sweets and maybe even a smoked lax.

black smith @ STREET Julmarknad

There was a blacksmith who had some really beautiful pieces of work.

After the Julmarknad I went out for a cup of coffee and pie with Emmanuelle.
On my way home, I picked up some groceries from Hemköp. They had a sale on Campbell’s canned soup so I stocked up on some. I grew up having Campbell’s soups. They’re normally a bit pricey here in Sweden.

Campbell's soup

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