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stupid flies

Thursday. 12. 13. 2007.

My largest jade plant is infested with fungus gnats. They’re these little black flies that are not too bright. For those of you who grow plants indoors will know about these stupid little black flies.

Anyways. So my largest jade plant is infested with these stupid bugs and they’re driving me quite mad. I’ve sprayed the soil 3 time with a diluted dish soap solution. From what I can see, it’s not in total vain. There are wee white “slivers” in the soil and I’m pretty sure that it’s the gnat larvae. But it doesn’t really solve the problem of the ones that have grown up to become the gnats.

The other day I told my mom about this issue and she gave me a great solution. She told me to get some bug spray. I should put the plant in a big plastic bag and then spray the plant in the plastic bag. Then I tie up the bag for a wee bit to get the last of the annoying buggers. That way the bugs die and I don’t have insecticide all over the place. Mothers are so full of knowledge. She also reassured me that the gnats are rather common in indoor plants.

I think I will do this when Fredrik comes home because our largest jade plant is pretty heavy and it would be easier to do all this with someone to distract Ull. For now, I will just kill as much gnats as I can and just deal with them when they fly into my eyes or up my nose.

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