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mmm… food…

Monday. 12. 10. 2007.

On Saturday I made a big pot of bolognese. Enough bolognese to last till Fredrik comes home. It was quite good and I’ve got the uneaten portions frozen in individual servings.

before the tomato puree
Here it is BEFORE the tomato puree. I’ve got grated zucchini, grated carrots, tomato (frozen, left over from the taco dinner), mushrooms, loads of onion, loads of garlic, ground beef and whatever spices I grabbed off the shelf. Fredrik’s the one who knows how to use spices. I just play Russian roulette with the spices. So far, I’ve been lucky.

finished bolognese
I added some peas after I added the tomato puree and then I let it simmer for a while with the lid cracked to let the sauce reduce. I added some water from rinsing out the tomato puree container.

Same as before, I portioned it out into individual servings using the muffin tin.

As I mentioned last night, I made brussel sprouts; which turned out GREAT!

I had it with my pork chop. Ull was asleep while I ate so I didn’t have to eat it as quickly as I did last time. No indigestion for me!

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