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A different kind of Christmas

Sunday. 11. 25. 2007.

This year I will be spending my first Christmas in Sweden. They call it “jul”. The subways are filled with advertisements for bank loans. Guess the Swedes are just like the North Americans. I think it would be cooler to celebrate the traditional pagan jul.

Aside from getting together to have a big meal, my family doesn’t do anything for Christmas. We’re Chinese and don’t go to church. Chinese New Year is the more important date for us. Chinese people have dong zhi. Which like many cultures, is a celebration of the winter solstice. Like all Chinese celebrations, we eat.

Fredrik wants to have julskinka and janssons frestels. I’ve found some recipes for these dishes and Fredrik said he would give me a hand. Looks like we’re gonna have lots of ham left over after jul since it’ll only be me and Fredrik.

We were talking about possibly alternating where we would spend this time of the year. Last year we spent it in Canada with my parents, this year we’re here, maybe next year we’ll head to Canada. We’ll see ’cause it also depends on if we can find decent airfare. My parents don’t care too much about when we would stop by, as long as I go back to see them at least once a year.

I think it would be nice if Fredrik and I can go to Canada for Chinese New Year. The best is if we can go to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. They have huge markets and celebrations. It’s pretty cool. I don’t remember it very well from my childhood but I do remember we went from relative to relative to “by lean”. Essentially it’s a visit to wish them happy new year and eat more food. My grandparents are usually in Hong Kong around that time of the year. They have a flat there, so we can probably stay with them. Although, I think my grandfather is a bit irked by the fact that Fredrik and I aren’t married.

Next year will be the year of the rat. Oh my god, my dad is gonna be 60 next year!

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