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It’s not the same!

Saturday. 11. 24. 2007.

The idea that you can get the same tasting hamburger at any McDonald’s at any location is obviously not true. But generally if you get a hamburger or Big Mac or McChicken at any location in North America, it will taste if not just like the one you get from your local McDonalds at least pretty damn close to it.

Yesterday I went to McDonald’s on my way home from the pharmacy after the hospital. I was in no mood to make myself dinner after all that. Not to mention, as awful as this may sound, McDonald’s offers a mild sense of comfort. Don’t deny it people! If you had childhood experiences with going to McDonald’s, you know the feeling the feeling I’m talking about.

Anyways. I got a McChicken and to my surprise, McChickens in Sweden has CHEESE in it. Aside from the fact that I’m lactose intolerant (not terribly sensitive to lactose but sensitive enough at times), I am simply not the biggest fan of cheese. This has to do with the fact that I grew up not having very much cheese. Chinese people are not big cheese consumers. In fact,  we traditionally don’t consume any dairy products.

I suppose I could’ve brought it back and asked for one without cheese but I just wanted to get home. But CHEESE!!!  In my McChicken!!

McDonald’s has a nutritional/allergen guide on the back of their placemat. I found some rather interesting facts. For example, did you know that there is gluten in their chocolate milkshake? Or that there’s soy proteins in their muffins and donuts? Or gluten in their cheddar cheese dip?

Oh yeah, McDonalds also sells meatballs here in Sweden. How about that.

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