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That better be cocaine on the ground.

Saturday. 11. 3. 2007.


Yes, that in the distance is SNOW. I looked out the window last night before I went to bed and noticed that it was snowing but it melted as soon as it felt to the ground. Apparently not all of it melted. I don’t know what to do with snow. Yes, it does snow in Canada but for some reason at the present moment, I am simply overwhelmed with the idea of snow.

It could be the fact that I had a dream that I was living in Hawaii. It never snows in Hawaii. I am pretty sure it never snows in Hawaii.

Well I guess it’s not so strange to see snow in November. I remember one year I went trick or treating and it was snowing. There could’ve been many years when it snowed on Hallowe’en. I just remember that specific one rather vividly because I was also very sick but I insisted on going out anyways. In the end, it was worth it.

Anyways. I have to do laundry in a wee bit. I guess I will wear my coat. If it’s cold enough for snow to stay on the ground, I do believe that it is mittens temperature.

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